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Food for Life: Food campaign bulletin no. 2 / 2010

20. April 2010

    In this Bulletin:

    • Consultation to Strengthen Ecumenical Advocacy for Food Justice
    • ''Eat What You Grow and Grow What You Eat'' - Food for Life Slogan for FECCIWA
    • Review of the Comprehensive Framework of Action (CFA)
    • Landgrabbing and the Global Food Crisis
    • International Women's Day
    • Study on Discrimination in the Context of the Right to Food
    • Trocaire Annual Development Review: 2010 Focus on Food Security
    • Indian Bishops Teach "Right to Food"
    • Focus On: Christian Care
    • Resources

    This month's bulletin can be found here

The Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance is a broad international network of churches and Christian organizations cooperating in advocacy on food and HIV and AIDS. The Alliance is based in Geneva, Switzerland. For more information, see http://www.e-alliance.ch/

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