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Food For Life: Food campaign bulletin no. 2 / 2009

15. December 2009

    World Food Summit Highlights Continued

    Food Crisis

    On 16-18 November, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) organized
    a World Food Summit to address the global food insecurity situation that has
    worsened and continues to represent a serious threat for humanity.
    EAA was well represented at the Summit and the Civil Society Forum by ICCO,
    Bread for All, Bread for the World, CIDSE, Canadian Foodgrains Bank, FECCIWA,
    Tearfund and EED. Ms Carolin Callenius, from Bread for the World and
    a member of the EAA’s Food Strategy Group, coordinated the EAA members at
    the Summit.

    The three-day summit ended after committing the international community to
    investing more in agriculture and to achieve Millennium Development Goal
    1 on eradicating hunger by 2015. However, measurable targets and specific
    deadlines which would have made it easier to monitor implementation were
    lacking in the outcomes.

    Pope Benedict XVI speaks at the World Food Summit
    Pope Benedict XVI addressed leaders at the summit, emphasizing that the
    right to food has an important place within the pursuit of the universal rights
    of all human beings, beginning with the fundamental right to life. He called
    for solidarity with poor countries and involvement of local communities to
    promote sustainable agricultural development.

    Read his full address on: www.e-alliance.ch/en/s/food/rtf/

    EAA advocacy ahead of the summit
    In advance of the Summit, many preparations and meetings were done by EAA
    and its members. CIDSE (http://www.cidse.org/PressMedia/?id=39), a member of
    EAA in collaboration with APRODEV developed a Briefing Paper with recommendations
    to the EU for the Summit (http://cidse.nvisage.uk.com/uploadedFiles/Publications/
    FINAL%20280909.pdf). The same recommendations were shared by EAA with the
    Coordinator of the United Nations High Level Task Force on the Global Food Crisis,
    Dr David Nabarro, during the teleconference held on 5 November 2009.

    The EAA Food Campaign Coordinator, Angeline Munzara participated in the
    Food Security Network e-discussion. The results of the online discussion provided
    input to the background paper of the Summit, in particular by referring
    to the International Assessment of Agricultural Science and Technology for Development
    (IAASTD) conclusions. The WFS Background paper can be found
    at: www.fao.org/fileadmin/templates/wsfs/Summit/WSFS_Issues_ papers/
    WSFS_Feeding_the_World_Eradicating_Hunger.pdf The complete proceedings
    of this discussion can be downloaded at km.fao.org/fileadmin/user_upload/

    The EAA endorsed the Food Governance and Civil Society Call to support the
    Reform of the Committee on Food Security (CFS) that was submitted at the Civil
    Society Forum (14-16 November). The Declaration of the Civil Society Organizations
    to the WFS can be read at www.e-alliance.ch/en/s/food/rtf/

    In addition, the EAA sent a letter with over 45 signatures collected from both
    EAA food and HIV/AIDS contacts to the FAO Director calling for the respect of the
    right to food, just production and consumption of food. The letter and the response
    from FAO can be read under Recent Events and Actions at: www.ealliance.

    Meetings with the United Nations High Level Task Force on the Global Food Crisis (UNHLTF)

    A letter sent by the EAA to the United Nations Secretary-General has led to a
    working relationship with the United Nations High Level Task Force on the Global
    Food Crisis (UNHLTF). Meetings and advocacy in advance of the World Food
    Summit focused on sharing information and documents. The next meeting of
    the HLTF will be held on 18 December 2009.

    The United Nations Comprehensive Framework of Action is available in Arabic,
    Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish at (http://www.un-foodsecurity.
    org/). You can also read the progress report describing the overall impact of the
    work undertaken by the High Level Task Force since its establishment.

    US Presbyterians Call for Monthly Fasting

    The Presbyterian Church (USA), an EAA member, has developed monthly fast
    materials on the global food crisis and calls upon everyone to act in solidarity
    to address global food insecurity. Fasting materials up to September 2010 are
    available on-line at: www.pcusa.org/foodcrisis7archive7index.htmThe
    conference will take place in Vienna, Austria, 18-23 July 2009.

    WTO Ministerial Conference Continues Efforts on Doha Round

    The Seventh Session of the WTO Ministerial Conference was
    held in Geneva, Switzerland, from 30 November to 2 December
    2009. EAA members including Economic Justice Network
    of FOCCISA, Lutheran World Federation, Bread for All, Norwegian
    Church Aid, Church of Sweden and Trocaire attended
    the conference.

    The general theme for discussion at the conference was
    “The WTO, the Multilateral Trading System and the Current
    Global Economic Environment”. The main objective was
    to review the WTO’s activities and discuss its role in aiding
    recovery from the global economic crisis. There was strong
    convergence on the importance of trade and the Doha Round
    to economic recovery and poverty alleviation in developing
    countries. The development dimension was said to continue
    to remain central to the Round and that particular attention
    should be paid to issues of importance to developing countries.
    Ministers reaffirmed the need to conclude the Round in
    2010 and for a stock-taking exercise to take place in the first
    quarter of next year. Read more on: www.e-alliance.ch
    en/s/food/sustainable-production/ and visit www.eed.
    de/de/de.col/de.col.d/de.sub.20/de.sub.news/index.html to
    view EED interviews with the majority of Southern Partners
    working on WTO trade matters.

    The EAA sent a letter with over 46 organizational signatures
    to Pascal Lamy, WTO Director-General and Ambassador Mario
    Matus, General Council Chair ahead of the 7th Ministerial
    Conference calling upon WTO members to respect the right to
    food as enshrined in human rights instruments. The final letter
    and response from Pascal Lamy can be viewed at: www.ealliance.

    Report on confronting the global food challenge launched

    A new book, “The Global Food Challenge” was launched in Geneva
    on 30 November during the WTO Ministerial by the EAA,
    FoodFirst Information and Action Network (FIAN), and the Institute
    for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP). The book draws
    from the 2008 conference on Confronting the Global Food
    Challenge to highlight the need for a fundamental reshaping of
    international trade and investment rules to put human rights,
    particularly the right to adequate food, at the centre of economic
    and development policy. Over 35 people attended the
    side event. For more information please visit: www.e-alliance.

    Let the bells ring for climate justice!

    The Conference on Climate Change is currently taking place in
    Copenhagen. Churches all over the world joined together with
    the churches in Denmark on 13 December by ringing bells for
    climate justice. Lutheran World Federation (LWF), Caritas Internationalis,
    DanChurchAid and CIDSE are among EAA members
    who attended the conference. LWF General Secretary, Rev. Ishmael
    Noko, called on states participating at Copenhagen to reach
    a fair, equitable and legally binding agreement to achieve the target
    of a 40 percent reduction of developed country CO2 emissions
    by 2020.

    Archbishop Tutu handed over half a million signatures (www.
    danchurchaid.org/) calling for climate justice to Yvo de Boer, executive
    secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention
    on Climate Change. Sound recording: bit.ly/DesmondTutuAndYvoDeBoerCOP15.
    Worship resources are still available at:

    There is no Plan B on Climate Change: Appeal from Pax Christi International

    On 10 November 2009, Pax Christi International, a member of
    EAA issued an interfaith appeal on the occasion of the United Nations’
    Climate Change Conference (COP15) in Copenhagen. The
    statement called upon political leaders, communities of faith, and
    all people of good will to acknowledge the common danger we
    face, accept responsibility for immediate and decisive action, and
    embrace this opportunity to change. Read the statement at http://

    Canadian Foodgrains Update on Food Security and Climate Change

    As part of its Food Justice Updates, the Canadian Foodgrains
    Bank released Food Security and Climate Change. Canadian
    Foodgrains Bank, a member of EAA calls for a treaty that is fair
    for all, one that benefits the most vulnerable people in society.
    Read the full update on: www.foodgrainsbank.ca/food_

    Britain bins £12bn of food and drink every year, report reveals
    More than £12bn worth of food and drink that could have
    been consumed is thrown out every year by householders,
    according to new figures that reveal the scale of the UK’s
    food waste mountain (The Guardian, Monday, 9 November
    2009). The cost of the avoidable food and drink waste is typically
    £480 per household per year and rising to around £680
    a year for families with children.

    To read more on the study please visit: www.guardian.


    A Community Guide to Environmental Health
    This book contains chapters on community food security, facts about genetically engineered food, health and medical advice in regards to pesticides and sustainable farming methods. It is available for purchase or free download at www.hesperian.org. The book is also available in CD format. To order, email Ingrid Hawkinson at Ingrid@hesperian.org or visit the website. A Spanish translation will be available in spring 2010.

    Video on Stop Gambling on Hunger
    Learn about market deregulations and its impact on hunger by watching a video from the Association for Latin America and Economic Justice at www.stopgamblingonhunger.com.

    7 Weeks of Finding the Divine in Hunger
    This new resource complements the Fast for Change: 7 Days of Food for the Soul (http://www.fastforchange.ca/uploads/resource_booklet.pdf ). The booklet provides bible studies, prayers, reflection questions and advocacy actions and can be viewed here: www.fastforchange.ca/uploads/F4C-Companion.pdf.

    Sharing Food, Christian Practices for Enjoyment
    This book by L. Shannon Jung offers an understanding of how food, feasting and fasting function culturally today and how this figures very practically in Christian lifestyle. ‘Sharing Food’ will cause readers to be more mindful of how they relate to food as a gift from God. The book sells for $16 and can be ordered at: www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0800637925/ref=nosim/librarythin08-20

    God, Creation and Climate Change
    This resource is part of the Lutheran World Federation’s overall strategy on the challenges posed by climate change. View the book at: www.lutheranworld.org/What_We_Do/DTS/Programs/DTS-Climate_Change-web.pdf

    Subscribe to African Agroecological Alternatives to the Green Revolution
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    Rethinking Public Policy in Agriculture: Lessons from History, Distant and Recent
    The article discusses the history of a wide range of agricultural policies concerning issues in 11 developed countries. It ends by discussing the policy lessons that may be learned from these historical experiences. The full article can be downloaded for free for a limited period of time: www.informaworld.com/smpp/title~db=all~content=g916400439

The Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance is a broad international network of churches and Christian organizations cooperating in advocacy on food and HIV and AIDS. The Alliance is based in Geneva, Switzerland. For more information, see http://www.e-alliance.ch/

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