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Learn, Plan, Share, Promote: Trade Week Website Online

14. August 2007

    The website for the Trade Week of Action (14 -21 October 2007) is now online giving more information about the Week of Action, campaign tools and resources, worship and action ideas, and space for listing contacts and plans from groups. 

    What can I do?
    Learn more about the Trade Week of Action at www.tradeweek.org and start planning what you can do in your network or community. Share your ideas and contacts through the website and promote the Week so that as many people as possible will join in learning and taking action for trade justice.  
    • Order printed copies of the Trade Week of Action resource guide available in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese – www.tradeweek.org/typo3/order-free-guide.html
    • Download the same guide along with many other resources to support you in campaigning including logos, banners, t-shirt designs, stories of people impacted by trade and background on the issues – www.tradeweek.org/typo3/en/resources.html
    • Find ideas for actions and events that you could organize. Get a group together from your church and other community organizations to share about the opportunity for joint actions for trade justice. Set a focus and actions that are most appropriate for the issues your community faces – www.tradeweek.org/typo3/en/what-can-i-do.html
    • Tell us about your plans so that others can get inspired and involved. Fill in your information directly on the website or email to tradeweek@e-alliance.ch – www.tradeweek.org/typo3/what-s-happening.html
    • Get in touch with your national contact person to help connect with others – www.tradeweek.org/typo3/en/what-can-i-do/connect-with-others.html
    • Help spread the word about the Trade Week and encourage others to join by being a national contact person yourself – let Jean Blaylock (jblaylock@e-alliance.ch) know if you are willing to be listed as a national contact on the website.
    • Link your own website to www.tradeweek.org   You can quickly cut and paste the html code to do this – www.tradeweek.org/typo3/en/resources/campaign-tools.html#banners

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